Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 5: Project-based Learning, WebQuests, and rubrics

At week 5 the more things I get. More and more varieties of good media and websites I get from Robert and from classmates. Starting from the writings of Susan Gaer, it made ​​me more comfortable to use Project based learning and other alternatives in the assessment because I believe that the problems to be faced by students in the life to come is not how to choose the option in multiple choice. They should be able to produce communication. Rubricstar introduced by Robert is also very useful for me in making the assessment rubric.
I am very interested in the WebQuest. actually I've long been aware of any WebQuest but the web has  made me excited to try it to improve my English Language Teaching and Learning process.


  1. Hi Nur
    The amazing thing about Susan Gaer is she has truly pioneered some great ideas in the classroom, and her writing is so accessible. She is a fantastic CALL teacher.

  2. Hello Nur! WebQuest is a real help for us to use it at the class. I think that we need more time to complete the quest. But I'm glad too that we have learnt to create the quests in general. And I hope we can improve the content in future and create more quests. You have done a nice work!

  3. Hi Nur:
    It is great to see that Webquest seems to be effective for you. It is truly of great help for everyone but we need to ensure our learners to use this technique more and more. I hope next year with the beginning of new classes, I'll try it with my students. Rubistar is really wonderful. I think we should make rubrics for every kind of evaluation and let the learners know it earlier for their better performance.