Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 4: Skill-Building Websites and Technology Enhanced Lesson Plan

This is my reflection in this week.
1.       I try to make a lesson plan for my Teaching Learning Process. The overall lesson plan is almost similar to the lesson plan I usually use, but there is something I have to add. That is the use of online materials for enrichment and that I have to relate it to National Education Technology Standards for Students (NETS•S). The teaching learning itself is conducted in classroom mediated with some computers. I also try to revise the way I set the objectives to ABCD model suggested by Robert.
2.        I read Krajka’s article on using the Internet in ESL Writing Instruction.
I find that there are many activities we can make using Internet:
a.       Making a Letter to a Friend using
b.      Making a Formal Letter
d.      Making a description of a Person using “Wanted” game.
e.      Making an argumentative Essay on some topics from
f.        Making Notices and Advertisement by using some online newspapers.
g.       Making description on a Festival of ceremony
h.      Making description of a book, film or play.
i.         Making a Newspaper report
j.        Making a personal opinion essay
k.       Describing Places

3.       Liang’s article is also very useful for employing internet in classroom activities. The activities that can be conducted are:
a.       Choosing Books
b.      Reading and Sharing Books
c.       Evaluating Books
There are also procedures that  can guide us in conducting those activities..

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  1. Hi Nur
    Nice summary of the week's events, thanks. It looks like you are integrating many facets of the course together. Fine job!