Monday, October 3, 2011

The Last Week in Lund

This is the last week I am in Lund. A small beautiful city in the south part of Sweden. I think I will miss this city with the beautiful scenery and silent environment. 

After being very busy with many programs in Lund, and still organizing and coordinating with staffs in my home country in conducting training for around 3000 teachers (by using skype and gmail), and teaching students by using blog and email, I have to prepare to go home since I (with my team members) have to run a project in my country. My project will be conducted in one of Muhammadiyah school in Surakarta. Since I and my friends' basic is English, we are going to make a project on improving students protection and participation by using Child friendly classroom management, and the subject we are going to use as pilot project is English Subject.
By conducting this project I really hope that this can be a model for my students in their preparation on becoming a good or even a great teacher. I also hope that by doing so I can be a great teacher or at least a good teacher. Since, A good teacher is teaching while a great teacher inspiring. I really hope that my project can inspire my students to become a good or even great teacher.


  1. Hi Abi,

    The picture really does tell many things as you've said here.

    You're lucky enough to have such a big responsibility of conducting a project. I wish you all the best for your success in every step you take for this noble cause.


  2. Hi Habib

    Its very interesting to hear that you are conducting training for so many people by using skype and gmail. Also you have mentioned that you use blog and email for teaching as well. I have been using skype for communicating with friends and email for communicating with friends as well as students. Can you give me some details of how you conduct the trainings using those technology?

    Roza, Maldives

  3. Dear Deep,
    Thank you very much. I wish you all the best too.

    Nur Hidayat

  4. Dear Roza,

    It is not me who directly train them, but I organize the persons who handle the training in my home country. Therefore I make contact with them and monitor them in that way. Anyway, you can also use that technology for the class lecturing if there is a PC, projector, webcam, and of course operator. Then, you can give lecture in a distance. The operator can help you manage the class.