Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Student Criticism

I use blog as one of media for our teaching learning process. Since most of my students do not have blog, I asked them to give comment, question, answer, and send assignment by using comment menu. I think it is the easiest way for them to do. But then, some of my students criticize me because they think, if the comment is appeared publicly, it is easier for a student to copy and paste some other students’ project. Therefore, it will be unfair for them.
In the one hand I agree with that opinion. But, in another hand, I tell my students that this is the way to propose them to be fair. I asked them to state the source of every citation, even from the comment of other friends, because it is the way to respect others. And respecting others can cause them respect us too. Fortunately, my students agree with my opinion and I hope that the result will be positive.

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  1. Hi Nur

    Yes, there is always the risk of plagiarism with technology. Maybe you can find a tool to set up a drop box where you could exchange more privately with students.

    Welcome home from Lund!